About BondeSöker…

A collaboration between independent advisors who…

  • Puts the client first and avoids unnecessary administrative costs
  • Base their work on your specific conditions
  • Values quality
  • Actively looks for and mediates current knowledge from all over the world
  • Prioritise fast, simple and adequate solutions
  • Work according to the motto “Keep it simple”
  • Offers services across the country

For you as a customer we offer

  • True full-circle advisory – front-edge competence collaborations. Read more here
  • Ensured quality on analyses of feed, soil, manure, etc.
  • Knowledge and tools for a successful business.
  • Tips on smart everyday aids.

About the platforms co-businesses

  • We all have our own independent companies and work together under a joint brand
  • We have a joint platform for communication with our customers
  • We help each other to be able to offer a full-circle advisory service without renouncing the quality
  • We hold joint courses and educations for clients, other companies, administrative authorities and others
  • We capacitate ourselves together to not lose focus on the full-circle
  • We help each other at fairs, travels, and other client activities