We are looking for farms who wants to work on the full-circle

We are together with our Dutch collaborating partners interested in working with you to develop “Farm tests”, and grasp the full-circle.

Welcome to the VIB-crew – Very Important Bonde (Farmer)

Soon you will be able to join the VIB network. News blog, management tools and archives. The service will be launched in September.

Take control, analyse!

Feed, manure, soil… everything is connected. This service will be available soon.

Who are we?

A collaboration between independent advisors who…


  • Puts the client first and avoids unnecessary administrative costs
  • Base their work on your specific conditions
  • Values quality
  • Actively looks for and mediates current knowledge from all over the world

  • Prioritise fast, simple and adequate solutions
  • Work according to the motto “Keep it simple”
  • Offers services across the country
  • Work together to meet your needs